To explain our story we have to take you back to a winter evening in Berlin in 2020. That evening we let go of ideas and dreams that we had, and we both agreed that we wanted to create something about what we are most passionate about: design and fashion. A space where we could bring ideas, textures and forms into life. And some months later JEME was born. An artistic project where we create mindful unique quality pieces, for design lovers.

JEME is an independent sustainable and fashion brand produced in a small atelier in Berlin that creates mainly sets of two pieces for women.

We offer ready-to-wear two-pieces sets because we believe it’s the easiest way to get dressed.

We design sets for every occasion, from casual to more sophisticated events. All our pieces are designed
having style, elegance and comfort in mind. We take care of all little aspects to make women’s life easy and at the same time make them feel
good with themselves and beautiful.

We are aware that your mood can have a huge impact on how you dress, but also viceversa. And you can choose to dress like your mood or get the mood for how you dress. Take control and make your wardrobe less boring, more fun and unique. Therefore, we design every piece for a different daily mood, but always enhancing fun and positivism playing with colours, textures and transparencies. Our designs are made to be the easy choice that makes you bold.

Andrea & Laia

Co-founders of JEME